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***Note: Ticker Background turns a light yellow during an actual Amber Alert.


The Wizard Gathering Chat Room
It's the closes thing we will have to a Battle Network 7!!

If your computer starts trippin, call me and I'll do the fixin"

I am not in this for the money, and I hate to see people taken advantage of . So here I am ready when you are.

This service is for residents of Birmingham Alabama, if you live out of the area, shoot me an e-mail, and visit the forum for help. Remote desktop support is avaliable and free.

Here you are Bargain Moms and shoppers! New Stuff every few hours

I am currently working on a project, Operation Bandaid (OB). Click the picture for more details. This is a project concerning the tornado victims and volunteers.

Also, get a Yale University education FREE, Click Wizards of Academics in the menu for more information.