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Audio/Video Utilities
Switch Sound Converter Express Burn Debut Video Recording
Prism Video Converter Video Pad Video Editor Wavepad sound editor
Virtual DJ Home Free edition BB Flashback Express  
Music Making Software
Anvil Studio Sony Acid Xpress  
Graphic Design Software    
Security Software
Norton Internet Security (90-day free trial) Microsoft Security Essentials AVG Free Antivirus
Remote Software
Logmein Remote Access    
Parental Control
Norton Online Family    
Office Suite
Open Office
File Archives
Media Players
Real Player VLC Player  

Hardware, Computers, Televisions, Stereos, etc

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It is easier and cheaper to rent/buy games from gamefly. Keep games as long as you want, and you never have to leave home. the games are mailed directly to you, so you're saving gas.

Click here to start as low as $8 and get one month free (Basically getting 2 months of service for as low as $8) ***IMPORTANT*** This is a referal link saying that I told you about gamefly, it will be difficult for you to find this same deal somewhere else.

Antonay'a Judkins (animedragonfighter)




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Dear Friends,

I found something that I think you will like. The company's name is YouData ( They are trying to convince consumers like us that we should be the ones controlling our own data and selling our own attention, not third parties like broadcasters, newspapers, and spammers. By creating a MeFile at, I now control what ads I see and when I see them. Best part - I am selling my attention directly to interested advertisers, for real money. That's right, I get paid for giving them my attention. I can use the funds to buy music and video online, donate to charities, give to my favorite blogs and websites, or keep the change myself and do whatever I want with it.

It's real. They pay. You should check it out.

Click this link to sign up. My MeFile ID, animedragonfighter, in the "Referral Code" will tell them I sent you.

Take care,

Antonay'a Judkins (animedragonfighter)

<Note: this was an email template that was avaliable on youdata>

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