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A Free Yale University Education 

Yale University LogoGet a Yale University education FREE, see the sections below that have Yale Resources. Click here for avaliable free courses (these courses are great for high school students to get the feel of a University course, or something to do academically during the summer, college students can take them as well.

You may need to speak to your educational institute (School Administrators or Teachers/Instructors) to request  extra credit for completing these courses.

 Reference Sites

Dictoionarys online dictionary


Encyclopedia Britanica Online


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english wizards

Outline Generator (Stage 2 Paragraphs)

This outline generator lets you do your research, create your rough draft and organize your essay. If you forget how to write stage2 paragraphs or the essay, there is a Key on the last page that refreshes your memory.

math wizards

Exponential Fractions Part 1

This is a document explaining exponential fractions in detail

social studies wizard

sites: - Simple SS reference site (perfect for elementary and middle school kids)

*** If you are a High school student I STRONGLY!!! Recomend using encyclopedia britanica

computer applications

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computer hardware

Introduction to Systems Analysis and Design
This explains the function of the IT Department
electrical safety
This expains electrical components as well as safety
power supplies
This talk about power supplies.
This explain what motherboards are and their various components. Perfect for consumers after servicing their computer.
Upgrading Memory
This Explains what memory is, and talk about the various types of memory. Perfect for consumers after servicing their computer.
Hardware needs Software to Work
This basically explains what a computer is, and all of its many components. perfect for consumers after servicing their computer.
PC Repair Fundamentals
This is a brief summarization, explaining what being a PC techician is all about.



web design and networking

Expression Web (3,4): Working With Images

Expression Web (3,4): Formatting Text